2017 Communication Arts Photography Annual

Excited to announce that our video Boombox Mike won an Award of Excellence in the 2017 Communication Arts Photography Annual! See the amazing winners here and watch Boombox Mike here.

Mindful Cover

Proud we photographed Gretchen Rohr for the April 2017 cover of Mindful! Thanks to Jessica von Handorf for the fun assignment.

Assistant: Denny Henry
Stylist: Zianni Coates

How It’s Made for Surface

emeco 1006 chairemeco 1006 chairemeco 1006 chairemeco 1006 chairemeco 1006 chairemeco 1006 chairemeco 1006 chair

We recently had the tremendous opportunity to peek inside Emeco to witness the handmade construction of the company’s ubiquitous sleek 1006 chair for Surface. Good people. Thank you so much for letting us check out what you do.

Any guesses about which one of these guys has another gig playing Santa Claus?

Highmark medicare campaign for Partners + Napier

We recently photographed an incredibly fun campaign in Pittsburgh for Highmark medicare with Partners + Napier, showing people back in the day in their youth and doing similar activities today with the same gusto. The vintage scenes were set in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s and we had a blast revisiting those eras with real props and clothing from that time. Our team was absolutely fantastic–reproducing life-size 1960’s football goal posts, 1970s facial hair, and digging up prom dresses from The “Me” Decade.

We’re thrilled with how the campaign turned out.










EMK_Highmark_016The Team

Client: Highmark
Agency: Partners + Napier
Producer: Carleen Martin
Assistants: Kristian Thacker, David Albanese
Digital Technician/Vintage Retouching: Gregory Neiser

Don Cheadle for The Washington Post

A couple months ago I had the privilege of spending 20 minutes with the great Don Cheadle for The Washington Post, who was in Washington, DC promoting his film, Miles Ahead. I had a great team working with me–Art Director Suzette Moyer, who kept the conversation flowing, assistant extraordinaire Chris Birck, and of course Photo Editor Nicole Crowder, who drew a compliment from Mr. Cheadle for her fabulous style.


Product and lifestyle shoot for Tailor & Spruce

About a month ago I had the pleasure of photographing a lifestyle and product shoot for new professional men’s grooming essentials company, Tailor & Spruce, which launched their site just in time for the holidays. Thrilled to see my images on Tailor & Spruce’s new website and it was exciting to be a part of the launch.

I specialize in people and lifestyle so I appreciate Tailor & Spruce giving me the opportunity to photograph their spectacular products as well. The product shots came out great–big shout out to assistant Peter Grill for busting out his product photography expertise, which helped knock the images out of the park, Jared Soares for letting us use his studio, and of course Tailor & Spruce for their refined style sense and stellar prop styling.


We photographed the lifestyle shoot at the Capella Washington, DC Georgetown. Model Frank Englund brought terrific energy along with his good looks, stylist Connie Tsang pulled some tricks to keep the wardrobe looking sharp, and we produced some really nice work to showcase Tailor & Spruce’s items. Here are some of my favorites and a few behind the scenes shots, photographed by the talented Jeremy Meek and Tailor & Spruce’s very own CEO.



Client: Tailor & Spruce
Assistant: Peter Grill
Grooming/Wardrobe: Connie Tsang
Talent: Frank Englund/Modelogic

Victor Stanley for SmithGifford

Most friends and family know that I find a lot of things to be anxious about in everyday life. One of the only times that turns off is when I’m photographing. That’s because I feel in my element and fully confident, never more so than when I’m working with a fantastic crew and collaborating with creatives who have a vision.

I feel that way because I’ve been doing this my entire life. My mother made stop motion movies with me on a black and white VHS camera when I was four years old. In middle school all my friends loved sports, but not me. I was horrible at basketball, but almost every time I had a friend over I would suggest making a movie. Some were better than others, such as “Robin,” about Batman’s sidekick, and the epic 8th grade production “Murder At The Met,” which featured the help of all of my friends. Making these movies was the way that I knew how to connect with people the best.

Working on Victor Stanley‘s “Timeless Moments” campaign this year with SmithGifford was such a joy primarily because of the great people I worked with, from stellar producer Carleen Martin, rock star lead assistant Peter Grill, stylist Connie Tsang, creatives Bill Cutter and Elie Hutchinson, and the other good people from the agency.

Eli Meir Kaplan

Eli Meir Kaplan

Eli Meir Kaplan

Agency: SmithGifford
Producer: Carleen Martin
Assistants: Peter GrillYacouba Tanou
Digital Technician: Enrique Castillo
Props/Wardrobe: Connie Tsang
Hair/Makeup: Kim Reyes/T.H.E. Artist Agency
Talent Agencies: Reinhard Agency and Carlyn Davis Casting